Flooring Takeoffs

All Takeoffs Are Not Created Equal

We know most of you get bombarded with emails from estimating services wanting to do your takeoffs. And, right after you angrily hit the delete key,  you might be thinking, “It’s just a takeoff – how different can they be?”

Fair question.

Think about some of the jobs your company has worked on, though. Each trade has their own scope. You probably have separate crews for tile and carpet installs. Specialization is already built into construction.

Why wouldn’t you treat your takeoffs the same way?

What A Specialist Can Offer You

Immediate Results

You'll see the positive impact that we can have on your company from the very first takeoff. With no ramp up period to teach us about commercial flooring, you can put us to work right way.


We know all the details to look for, and we also know when something doesn't look right. With every takeoff, you'll get our notes and any RFIs to be submitted to the GCs.


Don't settle for a SF takeoff that can be done by anyone - we can give you the level of detail that you need to win the job.

Our Experience



Multi Family




Why Only Flooring?

We believe in doing a few things really well. Commercial flooring and tile is what we know, so that’s what we stick with.

Is this the best business decision? Honestly, probably not, but we’re intentional about the scopes we choose to cover. When you come to us, you know exactly what we’re getting. How else do you think we ended up with this super creative business name?

There are other companies out there that are more qualified to do estimating for trades like electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. If that’s what you need, we can point you in the right direction – it just won’t be us.