Flooring Takeoffs

No more getting caught in sales funnels - our pricing is simple and straightforward.

You already spend plenty of time trying to get quotes on jobs and materials, and we don’t want to be just another item on that To Do list. We’ve all gotten the emails asking to send in a plan set to receive a quote, and we think there’s an easier way to do it.

Here's Our Offer

Just to warn you – this is going to be really complicated. Make sure you have a calculator handy, if those still exist in your offices, because you’re going to need it.

Are you ready?

Flooring or Tile
$ 75 Per Page
Flooring & Tile
$ 100 Per Page

How We Compare

Let’s take the following project as an example: a new Middle School that will have 50,000 SF of VCT, Carpet, and Rubber Tile. There are 4 Finish Plans that need to be used for our takeoff. How much would that cost with our pricing vs a couple of the other popular options?

By Page

$ 300
  • *4 pages x $75
  • *Know your price before you ever send it to us.
our price


$ 500
  • *1 cent / SF
  • *Only get actual price after takeoff is completed.

By Hour

$ ?
  • *$30-$50 / hour
  • *Speed varies from estimator to estimator.


Frequently Asked Questions

No catch. We want you to have as much information as possible before you ever contact us. You can know right away if a project will fit your budget or not. Back and forth email chains aren’t our favorite pastime either, so we decided to make our pricing as transparent as possible.

There are lots of different pricing models, by SF and hour are very popular, but we think this is the simplest to manage.

No matter if it’s a new bid, rebid, ASI, Addendum, RFI or Change Order Request, the pricing is by the page.

Any plan that we use for our quantity takeoff will count as a page. Reference pages such as elevations and details will not be included in this count. So, for example, if there is a job that has 4 pages of Finish Plans, then you will only be charged for those, even if there are 50 more pages in the plan set.

We will use overall floor plans when possible, but sometimes Finish Plans are split into multiple sections. As you know, plan sets vary, so this will change from job to job. 

The price does not change based on the amount of SF on the takeoff.

For each job you send us, you’ll get the following in return: PDF set of shop drawings and an Excel totals sheet. Our shop drawings will also include all of the plans used in our takeoff, along with any notes.

If you already use Measure Square, we can also provide that file to you.

Nope! This is pay as you go, so you only get charged when you send us work.