Flooring Takeoffs

Can't Win What You Don't Bid

Missing out on bids because there aren’t enough hours in the day? 

We can help.

Let your in-house estimators focus on bidding and managing while Flooring Takeoffs handles your commercial flooring and tile takeoffs.

What Could You Do Instead Of Clicking?

Build Relationships

Been putting off that lunch meeting or phone call? Stay in touch with your industry contacts, because it isn’t always just the lowest price that wins the job.

Staff Development

Look, we get it – not everyone enjoys doing takeoffs. Instead of losing talented people over it, let us free them up to focus on other areas of your business.

Bid More Jobs

Your capacity won’t be dictated by manpower anymore, so bid as much or little as you want. Take this chance to be more selective, or to branch out to new GCs and projects.

Why Us

Commercial Flooring Specialists

No trade hopping here. We only do takeoffs for commercial flooring and tile.

Transparent Pricing

Skip the sales pitch. Know your price with us before we even start.

More Takeoffs, Fewer Emails

See the status of all your projects anytime you want - no emails required.

Bid Ready Quantities

Our totals export directly from Measure Square and provide you everything you need to put together your bid.

Don't Wait Until You're Drowning in Deadlines!

Let us help you stay ahead of schedule on the bid calendar.