Flooring Takeoffs

More Takeoffs, Fewer Emails

Get everything you need all in one place. Say goodbye to:

  • Multiple back and forth emails chains
  • Wondering about the status of your project
  • Signing up for multiple services just to get the work done. Who wants to deal with more than one login?
  • Dealing with zip files, attachments, and shared links.

With our setup in Nifty, you can avoid all these time wasters by being able to do everything in one spot

See the Status of All Your Projects

It can be really frustrating not knowing what is going on with your jobs, so we removed all the guesswork.
On your Tasks tab, you can see the progress for each job from your company. You have options for different views, and you can also use filters if you just want to see your jobs.

Keep up with all your jobs in one place

Set It and Forget It

  • Assign the scope you want covered
  • Set the Due Date
  • Attach your plans
  • Add any additional notes

We Promise It’s That Easy – Take a Look!

How to add a task to your Nifty list

How Will I Know When It’s Done?

Once we complete a task, it will get moved from In Progress to Done. You’ll get a notification in your browser, and you’ll also have the option to get desktop notifications.

What you’ll see when a task is completed