Flooring Takeoffs

One and Done

Get everything you need all in one place. Say goodbye to:

  • Multiple back and forth emails chains
  • Wondering about the status of your project
  • Signing up for multiple services just to get the work done. Who wants to deal with more than one login?
  • Dealing with zip files, attachments, and shared links.

With our setup in Nifty, you can avoid all these time wasters by being able to do everything in one spot.

Nothing is more frustrating than wondering if something is being worked on or not – especially when that person isn’t sitting in the office down the hall from you. Well, wonder no more. You can see exactly what is going on with all of your jobs without ever sending an email or placing a phone call. 


With the ability to create tasks, you can set the Due Date, tell us the Scope you need, and attach and plans we’ll need for the takeoff. That task will automatically get added to our To Do list!

When we’re finished, you’ll get a notification, and we’ll attach the completed files to the task.